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Welcome to the Blog

Dear customers, I am Miranda Mancuso, the owner of this business.
You will find strange that there is a blog inside the hotel site!
I immediately explain why! It is born of the need to be able to tell, explain or justify what happens daily within my business!
The need arises from the fact that, as you well know, we are subject to judgments by our clients, but most often, judgments are spoiled by considerably inappropriate considerations and are never granted to the undersigned to be able to replicate publicly!
Moreover, the life of a hotel is like a teleromanz, every day people meet, they know their moments of life and it’s great to share with the reader these experiences, while respecting everyone’s privacy!
I think that I will recount the pleasant things that will happen within the hotel on a weekly basis, and I will also publish, where necessary, the analysis of the judgments received.
Start this adventure with great enthusiasm and I hope you enjoy too!
A warm greeting to all my past, present and future customers!


Albergo Mancuso del Voison

Today’s salient: Swiss clients have booked 5 rooms and did not show up!

What to say? I’ve lost a decent recess just because I trusted you!

Here is my mistake … I always believe that others are serious and coherent people … and instead I have served a nice “bin”.

I did not ask for a credit card because, in principle, I do not intend to pay a penalty if the customer does not show up!

I’m very understanding but I ask you to be informed as soon as possible when a customer must give up on booking!